Key Info

  • Make a list to keep track of ALL the books, magazines, and websites you read as you follow your background research plan. Later this list of sources will become your bibliography.
  • Most teachers want you to have at least three written sources of information.
  • Write down, photocopy, or print the following information for each source you find. You can use the Science Buddies Bibliography Worksheet to help you.


Collect this information for each printed source: Collect this information for each Web Site:
  • author name
  • title of the publication (and the title of the article if it’s a magazine or encyclopedia)
  • date of publication
  • the place of publication of a book
  • the publishing company of a book
  • the volume number of a magazine or printed encyclopedia
  • the page number(s)
  • author and editor names (if available)
  • title of the page (if available)
  • the company or organization who posted the webpage
  • the Web address for the page (called a URL)
  • the last date you looked at the page


  • The bibliographic information for different types of resources are located in different places, so you may need to do some detective work to get all of the information for your bibliography. Try looking in these places:
    • the title page of a book, encyclopedia or dictionary
    • the heading of an article
    • the front, second, or editorial page of the newspaper
    • the contents page of a journal or magazine
    • the header (at the top) or footer (at the bottom) of a Web site
    • the About or the Contact page of a Web site
  • When it is time to turn in your Bibliography, type all of your sources into a list. Use the examples in MLA Format Examples or APA Format Examples as a template to insure that each source is formatted correctly.
  • List the sources in alphabetical order using the author’s last name. If a source has more than one author, alphabetize using the first one. If an author is unknown, alphabetize that source using the title instead.


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